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Tree Surgeon Insurance: The Essential Guide

While not a legal requirement, Public Liability cover is vital for safeguarding your arborist business. Many customers, both domestic and commercial will want to see a copy of your certificate of insurance before hiring you. Public Liability provides protection against claims for injury or property damage caused to customers or the public during your work. As an arborist working in often hazardous environments, this coverage becomes indispensable. In the unpredictable world of tree surgery, having Public Liability insurance ensures financial security and peace of mind and as such, we include it as a core cover with every policy.  

For tree surgeons with employees or individuals working under a contract for service, Employers Liability insurance is not just recommended – it’s a legal requirement in the UK. Volunteers, labour-only subcontractors, apprentices, trainees or persons undergoing work experience could all be considered as employees for the purpose of Employers Liability insurance.  

This cover protects your business in case an employee faces injury or illness due to work-related activities. It is a crucial safeguard against potential legal and financial repercussions and its importance is highlighted with it being a criminal offence not to have this insurance coverage. 

Tree surgeons or consultants providing advice or reports for a fee should consider Professional Indemnity Insurance. Whilst optional, this cover is designed to indemnify you against financial losses or damage resulting from negligence in your professional services. Given the nature of tree surgery and the potential impact of negligent advice or reports, having Professional Indemnity insurance is a prudent step in securing your business’s financial stability. 

As an example, you may provide a report stating that a tree is not diseased, but it later falls due to disease and causes property damage. If your report was incorrect, you could be legally liable for the property damage and any expenses. Alternatively, if your report was accurate and the accusations against you were false, cover would cover the legal costs of defence. 

Arborist business owners and their employees are exposed to various risks. Personal Accident insurance provides financial protection in the event of accidental injury which stops you from working. This cover ensures that individuals and their families are supported during challenging times. Given the physical demands of tree surgery, having Personal Accident insurance should be considered as a proactive measure for overall well-being. 

While not a core insurance requirement, protecting your tools and equipment is a wise business decision. This cover provides financial assistance in case of theft, loss, or damage to tools and equipment, such as chainsaws, loaders, mulchers and harvesters. We can also cover hired equipment, as well as other business equipment such as laptops, tablets or tree surveying equipment. Considering the significant investment in specialised tools in our industry, this optional coverage adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your business can continue operations smoothly in the event of a loss. 

Costing tree surgeon insurance is a multifaceted approach and will take into account various factors. Given the high-risk nature of the work involved, insurance premiums are influenced by several key elements. This would include, among others:  

  • The specific type of work conducted. 
  • How many people are insured.  
  • The number of years’ experience you have. 
  • The qualifications you may possess.  
  • Any prior claims history. 

Insurance providers will assess these factors to calculate the premium to the policyholder’s individual circumstances. 

Whilst the cost of insurance is therefore not standardised, at Arborisk our premiums typically start at £650, with the average premium at approximately £1,700. As a policyholder, it is essential to recognise that investing in comprehensive coverage for you and your business is an integral part of responsible business management.  

Regardless of which insurer you choose, we always advise engaging with companies that specialise in your industry. This ensures that the policy is not only cost-effective but additionally provides necessary coverage for the unique risks associated with tree surgery. It also means that you can secure peace of mind with the knowledge that you’re adequately protected against potential challenges.   

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