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Insurance 101: The Power of In-House Claims Teams

Our dedicated in-house claims team ensures you receive expert, tailored advice right from the start, making the claims process smoother and more efficient. Here’s how we make a difference: 

  1. Personalised Expertise: Get customised guidance that addresses your specific needs. 
  1. Efficient Resolution: Benefit from our team’s collaborative approach to swiftly manage and resolve claims. 
  1. Clear Communication: We prioritise transparent jargon-free communication, making complex terms easy to understand. 
  1. Strategic Negotiations: Our skilled negotiations with insurers expedites the claims process ensuring fair and faster settlements… 
  1. Consistent Support: Experience seamless support from our team, providing a stable point of contact throughout. 

The importance of reporting incidents in a timely manner cannot be understated; early reporting is essential in facilitating a smooth, claims resolution process. Reporting incidents promptly allows for: 

Improved Evidence Collection: early reports enhance the quality of fact-finding and evidence preservation, crucial for defending liability claims. 

Quicker Claim Settlements: Timeliness in reporting accelerates the settlement process, reducing potential delays. 

Favourable Policy Renewal Terms: Timely reporting can positively influence policy renewal pricing and conditions. 

Cost Reduction: Early notification helps mitigate costs, especially in liability and motor claims. 

Policy Compliance: Adhering to reporting deadlines ensures your claim is managed efficiently, avoiding unnecessary expenses. 

To assist in a quick and smooth claims validation and settlement, it’s vital to: 

  • Regularly Update Cover: Ensure your policy reflects the current value of your assets. 
  • Understand Indemnity Settlements: Knowing how settlements are calculated for property claims helps set realistic expectations when it comes to equipment values. 
  • Gather Information Quickly: Collect and provide all necessary information without delay. 
  • Communicate Effectively: Clear communication with your insurer is key to a straightforward claims process. 

For plant tools and equipment theft claims, it is likely that you will be asked to provide:  

  • Copies of purchase receipts for the stolen items to prove age and ownership. 
  • Estimates for brand new items (subject to indemnity deductions) or quotes based on the second hand or market value for replacements. 
  • Photographs illustrating forced entry (damage to fencing, containers, locks, wheel clamps etc.). 
  • Any available CCTV footage, including events leading up to the theft. 
  • Police crime reference number and details of the officer and police force involved. 
  • Information on any tracker activation if applicable. 

Through these steps, we aim for resolutions that restore your peace of mind and business continuity swiftly and effectively. 

The 3-Day Settlement: A Proactive Approach 

An Arborisk client was targeted by thieves with plant and equipment stolen from their business premises. The proactive and efficient approach taken by the client shows how settlement can happen quickly. 

The loss was reported by phone immediately and the sums insured proved to be adequate. Supporting information was promptly provided, such as: 

• Copies of purchase receipts for all stolen items. 

• Replacement value estimates, with links to plant company websites. 

• Photographs of damage to property. 

• Police crime reference number and officer details. 

• Details of items already recovered by the police. 

The client’s proactive engagement and collaboration with our team allowed us to expedite validation of the claim, leading to a swift settlement in just 3 days  

Don’t let the complexity of insurance claims overwhelm you. Choose Arborisk for a partnership that offers not just insurance, but peace of mind with our expert in-house claims team. Contact us today to learn how we can streamline your insurance experience and support you every step of the way. 

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